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Integrated Training Management

If you choose to use our Compliance Management System (CMS) as part of our ongoing services package, you will have real-time access to your training completion records for both onsite training and eLearning. From the CMS portal, you can generate reports and even print certificates. The CMS also makes it easier to manage when training is due for your facility, and who is due for refreshers.

Further details about our CMS is available on our Compliance page. Alternately, you can contact us to speak with a representative about how our online system can help you manage your fire safety compliance obligations.

Emergency Response and Evacuation Training

We provide both facility specific practical onsite training, virtual training and professionally developed eLearning solutions. Our Warden and First Response training for occupants meets the requirements for AS3745 and is designed to provide information for participants to deal with emergencies and efficiently evacuate the facility in a safe and timely manner.

Flexible Solutions

Our qualified and experienced training specialists can provide advice and assistance to help ensure that all our services meet your specific needs wherever possible.

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Our Training Courses

Warden/Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) Instruction

Our ECO sessions are designed to provide your facility’s wardens with the knowledge and skill to respond to emergencies and undertake effective evacuation of occupants.

The Warden sessions cover facility emergency systems; the warden structure; raising the alarm and conducting evacuations; human behaviour during emergencies; reporting to emergency services, and providing assistance to occupants during a range of emergencies.

The Chief Warden session for those responsible for co-ordinating facility emergencies also includes managing emergencies and co-ordinating evacuations, using facility alarm resources such as the Fire Indicator Panel and Public Address, and where installed, the Emergency Warning Systems.

Our facility specific onsite warden training is delivered by suitably qualified and experienced instructors. ​Learning outcomes are assessed throughout the session through active questioning, discussion, participation and where appropriate, active demonstration.

  • Identify facility emergency and safety systems

  • Review ECO roles and responsibilities
  • Respond to alerts and raise the alarm
  • Conduct an area evacuation
  • Provide aid and direction to occupants
  • Report conditions of area to Chief Warden
  • Respond to other common emergencies

Course Availability and Options:

Onsite Yes
Online Yes
Virtual Yes
Duration 2 Hours
Expiry 12 Months
General Evacuation and First Response Training

Our occupant sessions combines the requirements for general evacuation procedures training and using fire portable fire fighting equipment.

First Response & Fire training is available both onsite (practical) and online. Our practical session includes a hands-on demonstration of using a fire extinguisher on a live fire.

  • Follow “PASS” Fire Extinguisher Procedure

  • Identify building emergency systems and ECO

  • Follow evacuation procedures and instructions

  • Follow RACE and report emergencies

  • Explain the basic theory of fire (fire triangle)

  • Describe classes of fire and extinguishing agents

  • Follow ‘first attack’ Fire Extinguisher procedure

  • Demonstrate use of fire blankets and hose reels

Course Availability and Options:

Onsite Yes
Online Yes
Virtual Yes
Duration 1.5 Hours
Expiry 12/24 Months
Fire extinguisher being used by two men to put out a training fire
Virtual Reality Practical First Response Fire Session

​Our virtual reality session combines an online theory component with an onsite training session that includes the use of virtual reality equipment. Alternately if your organisation already has its own theory component, we can also offer the VR practical session only.

This specialised form of training focuses on developing and improving skills on the principles and practices of using a fire extinguisher.

  • Follow “PASS” Fire Extinguisher Procedure
  • Identify common extinguishing agents and their uses
  • Follow ‘first attack’ procedures
  • Use a portable fire extinguisher
  • Follow evacuation procedures and instructions
  • Explain the basic theory of fire (fire triangle)
  • Describe risks posed by fire and if safe to approach and extinguish with an extinguisher
  • Describe if the size of the fire can be extinguished with an extinguisher
  • Describe plan of action if risk of fire is increasing and conditions deteriorate
  • Identify safe exits

Course Availability and Options:

Onsite Yes
Online Yes
Duration 1 Hour
Expiry 12/24 Months
Example of fire in a workspace

Example of a virtual reality training scenario

Evacuation Exercises

We conduct pre and post briefings with the ECO and work with your management team to ensure minimal disruption to your operations.

With our ongoing service option, we can program a variety of evacuation scenarios for your facility, including simulated fire/smoke, bomb threat and hazardous materials spill.

  • Participate in evacuation briefing & debriefing

  • Respond to exercise alarm conditions

  • Complete a facility evacuation according to procedures

Course Availability and Options:

Onsite Yes
Online N/A
Virtual N/A
Duration 1 Hour
Expiry 12 Months
ECO Radio Use Competency Instruction

Fire EMT offer a one hour basic competency usage course for ECO members who rely on radio communication as an essential part of the emergency planning and response in a facility.

This describes the essential skills and knowledge covered in this course:.

• Communicate effectively
• Receive messages
• Transmit messages
• Use call up sequence
Basic principles of radio operation
Organisational specific communication protocols
• Phonetic alphabet/figures/language
• Principal components of radios
• Radio procedures
• Voice procedures

    Emergency Planning Committee (EPC)

    ​Our EPC sessions provide committee members with an understanding of their responsibilities and obligations as required by Australian Standards.

    Training is conveniently delivered online for members of the EPC and covers topics such as the development, implementation and maintenance of an emergency plan; establishing and managing an ECO; the management and development of assessment activities and the conduct of site-specific emergency identification and analysis. Course competencies include but not limited to:

    • Developing, managing and maintaining an emergency plan

    • The conduct of site specific emergency identification and analysis

    • The management of appropriate documentation

    Course Availability and Options:

    Onsite N/A
    Online N/A
    Virtual Yes
    Duration 30 Minutes
    Expiry 12 Months