Compliance Management System (CMS) Guides – People Manager Level Access

3. Training
The “Training” section of the Main Menu is the place where facilitated (face to face) courses and online courses are managed. All students who have undertaken any training in the facility are also listed here.

In this section, you can view any scheduled and completed facilitated training, access any e-learning courses available, as well as find (and print) student completion records.

If you would like to schedule any facilitated training, or would like more information on any of our  available e-learning courses, please contact us.

This page is to provide the “Administrator’ users with information about facilitated training that is scheduled and that has been conducted at the facility. This section is managed in accordance with the service contract in place for the facility.

The Scheduled Training list shows what training is currently organised, and will show whether the training is FORECASTED (Upcoming but not yet scheduled), PENDING (Scheduled but not yet confirmed), or CONFIRMED (Time and date locked in). Clicking on the grey View button will provide you with information about the course, such as the learning outcomes.

The Completed Training list shows each facilitated training session that has been completed at the facility in reverse chronological order (newest at the top). Clicking on the grey “View” button will give you information about the course conducted, such as the learning outcomes, and a list of all the people who attended that training session.


Training Reports:
A course report provides a PDF of a training session that has been completed. It includes details about the time, date and location of the training, the learning outcomes, and the list of students who attended. To create a course report, click on the grey “View” button for the completed training session you wish to make the report. This will take you to a course report page. Click on the grey “Course Report” button located at the top of the page.

First, you will receive an email that contains an internet address link from your Administrator. Clicking this link should open your default web browser to an online course “Registration Page”. Here you will be asked to enter your name and an email address. Click “Submit”, then your registration will be confirmed. Click “Start” to commence the course.

If clicking on the link in your email does not open a browser window, you can copy and paste the link into your preferred browser.

If you do not finish your online training for whatever reason, you can resume at any time by clicking on the link you received and entering your name and email address into the registration – it is important that you use the same name and email address you used when you first registered for the training.

You should note that there are quizzes and activities throughout each session that you will need to pass in order to move forward with the online course.

Continue through the program until you have completed all the parts and quizzes. Once the program is finished, you will see the completion message confirming that you can click the “Exit” button or simply close the browser window when you see this screen.

You will then receive your completion certificate to the email address you provided during your registration.

The Students area is simply a place that lists any person who has been entered into the system as a student, that is, for facilitated training and for online training. There is a list for active students (current employees or occupants) and an archive lists for those who are no longer current employees or occupants of the facility. The “Administrator” user may move any student to the archive list by simply clicking on the blue “Archive” button for the selected student.


Viewing a Student Record
There is a search filter for facilities that have many students. The filter can search for first and/or last name. Clicking on the green “View” button for a student will take you to the student’s information page. Here is listed all the facilitated and online courses this person has completed.

When a student has completed a course, you may print and reprint their completion certificate from this screen.

A Note About Accuracy
You should note that a student may have more than one recordYou may use the filter at the top of the page to search for a student by first and/or last name.

The accuracy of the list is dependent on how the student enters their details when they sign into facilitated or online training. For example, if John Bloggs enters his name on the training register during facilitated training as “Johnathan Bloggs” and later enters his name as “John Bloggs” on an online course registration, this will create two separate records for John. This is also true if John enters a different email address or no email address when he signs in for facilitated or online training.

Trainers warn students about this during the facilitated training sessions, however, it is up to the Administrator user to remind students of this when providing them a link to a online training session.

There are two ways to print certificates: For an individual student, or for all attendees to a particular training session. You should note that certificates are automatically emailed to participants for online training only. Certificates for facilitated training may be printed by “Administrator” users via the method described here. A fee may apply if you wish for Fire EMT to print and post certificates to you.

For Individuals:
The easiest way to print a certificate for an individual is to go directly to their student file. 

  • Go to “Students” from the main menu
  • Find the student for which you want to print a certificate, click “View”
  • find the relevant training session, click the “Download” link

For All Attendees:
If you wish to print certificates for every attendee to a particular facilitated training session:

  • Go to “Facilitated Training” from the main menu
  • Find the training session from the Completed Training list for which you want to print the certificates, click “View”
  • Locate the course participants list at the bottom of the course information page, click “Certificates”