Compliance Management System (CMS) Guides – People Manager Level Access

5. Incidents

​The purpose of an incident report is to document the exact details of an emergency while they are fresh in the minds of those associated with the event. This information may be useful in the future and should be filled out as soon as possible following the evacuation. All information should be factual and not represent the views of an individual, but rather document the actual occurrences.

  • Click on the Incidents tab on the left hand menu, under the Facility heading
  • Click on the +Add icon on the far right of the Incidents Table
  • Under the Incident Details tab, the Facility details will auto populate. Fill in the rest of the fields on this page.
  • Continue to fill in all the relevant fields for the E.C.O., Emergency Services and Notes tabs, then save at the end.
  • Once complete and saved, this will bring up an Incident Summary in the table back on the Incidents home page.

Associated Files:
Files can be added to the Incident report, such as photos that are relevant to the report. Supported file types are jpeg’s only. 
Please note that any photos/files that are uploaded to the Associated Files section, will not print out or attach to the PDF report.

To generate a report, click on the blue PDF icon and save the document as needed.
To edit the Report, click on the Edit icon at the end of the row. Make your changes and click save.